How To Pair a Roku Remote?

To enjoy a vast and fluent streaming experience on Roku devices, one of the primary tasks is how to pair a Roku remote to a Roku TV. Roku streaming gadgets are becoming an obvious choice for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ESPN, Disney Plus, and others. Here, we will help you to know how to pair a new Roku remote to your device so that you can access the streaming sources. 

You can reach us at our Roku customer care number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or by email mode. We are a team of professional experts for providing every Roku problem solution. Our team of professional experts will let you get this procedure easily. We will direct you with remote guidelines that can help you to pair the Roku’s remote with the box. 

Different Ways To Pair a Roku Remote

It is upto the type of remote to pair it up with your box you are having with your Roku system. The simple Roku remote or the Roku voice remote, the Roku voice remote pro, and the voice remote with batteries. Here we have explained various methods to pair different kinds of Roku’s remotes to the TV:

Pair A Roku Remote – Rechargeable Voice Remote

A Roku voice remote communicates the box through a wireless wi-fi connection. If it’s the first time you are pairing the remote with the box, you have to follow the on-screen guidelines. If it got un-paired, then you should check if it has a rechargeable or standard battery. 

A rechargeable battery remote needs to get charged, it can be done by connecting it to a USB cable and the other end to the power socket. If recharging does not work, then you need to reset the remote. You have to keep turning on the box and press and hold the pairing button and wait for about half a minute. After that, you have to follow the re-pairing process on-screen. 

It becomes quite hard to pair or repair the Roku remote with the box, so we suggest you contact our Roku customer care service. Our team of professionals will help you by guiding you to complete the pairing process of the Roku’s remote. 

How To Pair a Roku Voice Remote Pro?

To pair a new Roku remote voice pro, you have to ensure the streaming Roku box must have an operating system of 9.4 or higher. To update this, you have to go to the settings, then the system, and choose the system update. Another way is to try to connect it with Roku app on your smartphone. You can also try to pair it with any other voice remote of another Roku device. 

You have to contact our Roku customer care support service to successfully pair the Roku’s remote voice pro with a box. Our team of experts will lead you through the remote guidelines that can fix this pairing problem of the Roku box with the remote.

To Pair a Voice Remote With Regular Batteries

A Roku’s remote with standard batteries can get paired with removing and reinserting the batteries again through the back cover. Ensure to restart your Roku box and try again to pair it. This will show you the pairing process complete it by following it. 

It is not easy to complete it without any technical expert’s guidance. Therefore, you should contact our Roku support team, our third-party service will help you out quickly and let you finish the pairing. 

Roku Application on Smartphone

Whichever Roku remote you need to pair with a box does not matter if you could not do this with a remote, you can still do it with the Roku app from your smartphone. 

You must contact our team of Roku professionals to know how to pair a remote connection with a Roku box. Our team of experts will guide you with the remote to connect the Roku box.  


We have described multiple ways to pair the Roku’s remote with a Roku tv. You have to just go through every troubleshooting that we have mentioned according to the remote type you have. If anyone of the method did not work out for you or could not get them accurately, then contact us. Our Roku customer care number is +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or mail options are also available. Our team of experts will assist you to complete the process that can let you pair your Roku’s remote with your box. 

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