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Want to know how to connect roku to wifi without remote? This article will let you do this. Roku is the media player system that allows users to access most of the online streaming content straight from the T.V. For continuous streaming, this requires keeping connected to wifi. If your roku remote isn’t working or you have just lost it, you can still connect your roku to the wifi without the remote.

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Methods to connect Roku to Wifi Without Remote

Here below we have stated some of the ways that will let you connect the wifi with Roku without using its remote:

Connect Roku to Wifi Using Application

The first thing you should do is set up the Roku app on your android or IOS phone. Now go through the following steps:

  • Now, connect your phone & Roku player with the same wifi network. 
  • Launch the Roku app and go to the “Devices” option from the right to the corner.
  • Click on your Roku device when it shows on the screen. 
  • This will make your phone connected to Roku player as its remote. Now, go to the remote and then the “settings” from the left side of the home screen of Roku and select “Network”.
  • Now, choose “set-up connection” and then “wireless”. This will let your Roku find a wifi network. You have to just select the one and connect it by entering the password.

Using the Roku application, you will surely connect it to the wifi. For getting detailed steps of completing it, just contact us. Our technician will help you with delivering the straight remote guidelines so that you can connect your roku to the wifi without using its remote.

Connect Roku to Wifi Without Remote Using Browser

If you don’t want to use the app to set up wifi, then simply get a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or any other Roku device. Another thing is to keep your computer system and Roku player connected with the same wifi.

  • Now, go to the “Remoku” logo in the toolbar on the top-right of your browser. 
  • This will show you a  virtual remote on your screen & use it to direct the menu of roku.
  • Through the virtual remote go to “settings” and to “Network” from the left side of the Roku menu screen.
  • Choose the “Set up connection” logo and select “Wireless” which will make your Roku look for the available wifi network. You should choose the desired wifi and enter the password. 

After you have completed this method, the Remoku will disconnect itself as now you can stream. If you still didn’t get this guide, we suggest you contact our team of Roku customer support technical experts. We will guide you easily in a way so that you can connect roku to wifi without remote through the browser.

Connect Roku to Wifi With Ethernet Cable

This method works for those Roku players which got an Ethernet port. For some of the Roku models, you are going to need the Roku app on your phone that will work as a virtual remote.

Now, connect your Roku device to your router with Ethernet cable and then connect your phone to the same wifi network wirelessly.

  • Open Roku app and go to the “Devices” option from the top right corner of the phone screen. 
  • Select your Roku device when it shows on the app. 
  • Go to the Roku device connect and click on the “Remote” option.
  • Now, on the Roku player, from your phone’s virtual remote to “Settings” and then to “Network”.
  • Choose “set up connection” and then “wired”.
  • Choose the wifi network and enter the password. Complete it with the “Connect” option that will connect your Roku to wifi. Now, you can disconnect the ethernet cable. 

If you are not clear with this method’s guidelines, then simply connect to our team of Roku customer support. Our expert will assist you throughout the procedure so that you can easily connect roku to wifi without remote with an Ethernet cable.

Connect Roku to Wifi without a Remote Using Mobile Hotspot

If there isn’t any available wifi network and your Roku player does not have an Ethernet port, then you can simply connect your mobile’s hotspot. You have to turn on the Hotspot of your smartphone and connect your Roku by entering its SSID name and completing it by providing its password. 

If you did not get the steps, contact our team of Roku customer support. Our experts will guide you with the solution so that you can successfully connect roku to wifi without remote with the phone’s hotspot. 

How to Find Roku IP Address Without its Remote?

To find your Roku’s IP address first, make sure it is connected to a wifi network. After connecting it to wifi you can find its IP without using its remote.

  • Use Roku application on your phone and go to the “Remote” and then to the “Home” button. 
  • Now to go “Settings” to “Network” and then to About.
    There you will get the information of the network with which Roku is connected one of the details there will be an IP address. 

For any other further solution to Roku issues that you are having, approach us. We will introduce you to all of the possible solutions for Roku player-related troubles. 


These are all of the 4 ways through which you can connect your Roku player to wifi without its remote. Make sure to go through all of them until you get connected it. If there is any trouble that bothers you in doing this, ask us.

You can approach us through our third-party Roku customer support number +1-410-896-8780. Our skilled Roku professional technicians will help you out from every of Roku’s related issues including this also. We will deliver you the required details that can let you connect roku to wifi without remote.

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